CarShareHFX announced Tuesday that it has expanded with 10 additional Prius c vehicles and eight new parking spots across the city.

The service provides members with self-serve access to a fleet of 35 vehicles, with a goal of giving more people access to cars but at the same time limiting congestion and increasing sustainability.

“Every city in this country and every city in this world is actually looking at the question, ‘How do we move people with fewer cars?’” said Pam Cooley, president of CarShareHFX.

Cooley said she’s aiming at 100 cars within six years.

“It takes a city to raise a car share company and that’s exactly what these partners are doing.”

Members pay an annual fee and then pay an hourly rate when they use the car. Users can reserve a car either online or through a hotline.

“There a more chances to find a car closer to where you are,” said Paul Shaw, who’s been a member for four years. “I think you’ll find that more people will use it too.”

In addition, CarShareHFX users get free parking at all waterfront parking lots, Port of Halifax lots, and at Scotia Square, Park Lane and Brunswick Place.

Killam Properties has two locations for CarShareHFX cars, one in Quinpool Towers and a new location at Spring Garden Place.

“It’s a simple concept, really,” said Jeremy Jackson, Killam’s vice-president of marketing. “In many places and locations vehicles aren’t necessary, (but) there might be a need for a once-a-week shopping trip.”

For Jackson, giving a parking space to CarShareHFX is about freeing up the parking lots and offering a service to tenants.

Casino Taxi is hosting a new parking location at the Novalea Centre. Casino is also now CarShareHFX’s preferred taxi service.

“I really think that Pam and Casino Taxi share a lot of visions,” said Angie Herman, director of finance and administration for Casino Taxi.

Herman said they both share the vision of having fewer cars on the roads, increased efficiency and both are environmentally focused.

Herman said despite the appearance CarShareHFX and Casino Taxi are in competition, it isn’t the case — they are used for different services.

“If a family wanted to go to the beach and take a full day, they would need a car share,” she said, “If a family wants to take in a Mooseheads game downtown, they would probably be taking a Casino Taxi.”

The following are the eight new parking locations, with two more in the works:

  • Spring Garden Place, 5640 Spring Garden Rd.
  • Winchester Plaza Apartments, 5264 Morris St.
  • Metro Care and Share, 2710 Agricola St.
  • The MacDonald Apartments, 5885 Cunard St.
  • Scotia Towers, 1991 Brunswick St.
  • Park Lane, 5657 Spring Garden Rd.
  • Brunswick Place, 2021 Brunswick St.
  • Novalea Centre, 3558 Novalea Dr.

The CarShareHFX website has a map with all of its locations